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  • Pembroke Welsh Corgis are not lap dogs - they are highly intelligent, decision-making, highly active, outgoing cattle dogs and tend to be dominant. They love being with their family in all activities including long walks and car trips.

  • This is no lazy old hound dog. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen attracts attention wherever she goes because of her merry, energetic disposition. She's always on the lookout for fun and excitement, especially in the form of an outdoor adventure.

  • The elegant, classy Pharaoh Hound is a striking companion. His handsome good looks always draw attention.

  • Plotts love hunting and family, arguably in that order. They love to follow a trail to its end, but at the end of the hunt, they are glad to celebrate with their favorite people.

  • Pointers are warm, loving dogs capable of giving members of their family great affection. They are usually overflowing with nervous energy and ready to hunt at the drop of a leash.

  • The shaggy Polish Lowland Sheepdog may look like an overgrown stuffed animal, but he is a serious worker who needs a job to be fulfilled. Active people who can include a dog in their everyday adventures find the PON - that is short for Polski Owczarek Nizinny, the name of the breed throughout most of the world - is an energetic and fun-loving companion.

  • The Pom may be tiny, but this spunky extrovert can get a little cocky for a dog not much bigger than your shoe. Outgoing and effervescent, Pomeranians have faces like little foxes, making them hard to resist and easy to forgive.

  • While Poodles are often portrayed as snobby and aloof, in reality, they are friendly, cheerful dogs with a keen sense of fun.

  • Pequenos are the smallest of the three Portuguese Podengos. They love to run and play and appear to enjoy being silly.

  • Portuguese Water Dogs are intelligent and used to deciding for themselves if something is not right. The positive aspect of this behavior is that they are wonderful companions, take good care of the children in their families, and feel at home in the city, the country, or at the beach.

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