Golden Retriever

"A Golden Personality"

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Bred from other retrievers, the Golden burst onto the scene in the 1800s with his lively outlook on life. Whether on dry land or in water, the Golden would retrieve until his owner became bored or went home to dinner. His willingness to join in any activity – a hike, a hunt, backpacking, scent work or whatever the choice – made him an amiable companion. And at the end of the day, he was just as pleasant a presence curled by the fireside or playing with the children of the house.


The Golden's gentle face and alluring charisma is an invitation to play. If you're reading a book, you're liable to find a paw in your lap, followed by another, then your face covered with kisses. How can you ignore that? If you're really busy (although it's hard for them to believe anything is more important than hugs and slurps), they will follow your command to lie down in their corner, though they might accompany their obedience with a sigh. They don't force unwanted attention but will be up and by your side at a single movement. Because of the breed's popularity, some people think of dollar signs rather than healthy, sound puppies. Breeders should be researched. A little homework can save a dog's lifetime of regret.


The light to burnished gold coat gleams with good care. Coat is medium long, with feathering on tails, legs and stomach line. Their “smiles,” shining eyes, and long, ever wagging tails show off their always golden mood.


Goldens love to learn, love to be with you – whether work or play – and love to please you. Training, therefore, is a pleasure. They're often some of the star students in a class. Retrieving? Well! They're born to do that and will never be bored with bringing you a ball, a stick, a sock, a toy, anything. Some Goldens have been pictured with 3 balls in their mouths at one time! They love water and will appreciate any romps near a pond, lake or shore—just bring a towel.

Grooming & Care

Brushing is a must to remove dead hair and prevent tangles. Goldens will gleam with an annual (or more) spa treatment at the groomers. Heavy shedding occurs twice a year. Light shedding occurs daily!

Health Concerns

Look for lines with OFA hips, CERF clear eye testing, free of or with low incidence of epilepsy, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand's disease and heart problems.

Famous Golden Retriever

Air Bud, author Dean Koontz's Trixie, the multiple Homeward Bound Goldens, Comet on Full House, President Ford's Liberty.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 4
Schedule 5
Home 9
Children 50
Experience 11
Quick Facts
Grooming 110
Exercise 14
Challenges Sweeping tail can clear tables and be prepared for dog hair.
Height 21.5 to 24 inches
Weight 55 to 75 pounds
Life 10 to 14 years
Home Alone 20
With Kids 21
With Strangers 94
Availability 96

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