Italian Greyhound

"Velcro Dog"

Photo of Italian Greyhound


Greyhounds of all sizes have been depicted on walls and in tombs since ancient times. The miniature version of the breed was developed to perfection in Italy. Many royals found the exquisite little dog irresistible.


Italian Greyhounds are usually submissive to other animals and very willing to please their humans. They should be socialized early and often. Cats and other fleet-moving creatures are too great a temptation. Loving to their own people – they cannot tolerate being left alone for long periods and are most willing lapdogs. They love climbing to the tops of furniture to watch their surroundings or lying on window benches to catch the sun.


The Italian Greyhound is slim and trim, with a long tail, folded ears, and a smooth coat. She looks like a miniature version of the Greyhound. Almost any color is acceptable and likely to be found, either as solids or with white markings. They have large, dreamy eyes, able to see at great distances and to steal your heart. Italian Greyhounds have a distinctive high-stepping gait and are light on their feet.


They do well in obedience and agility, when the sighthound's need for speed is taken into consideration. Use positive training with lots of praise. Make training techniques more enticing and interesting than the surroundings.

Grooming & Care

Smooth with a hound's glove or soft brush and very little shedding will take place. Nail trim, and that's it! Care should be taken that tails and legs are away from doors before shutting. Breeds like Italian Greyhounds are why doggy coats and sweaters are made. They cannot tolerate cold weather and hate getting wet!

Health Concerns

Like most breeds, Italian Greyhounds are predisposed to certain conditions through genetics, including patellar luxation, eye problems, some autoimmune diseases and seizures. Search for healthy parents with OFA and CERF certification.

Famous Italian Greyhound

Nellie from the movie "Good Boy!" is played by Italian Greyhounds Motif and Imp.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 4
Schedule 33
Home 44
Children 49
Experience 11
Quick Facts
Grooming 13
Exercise 61
Challenges Notoriously difficult to housetrain, too delicate for small children.
Height 13 to 15 inches
Weight 8 to 12 pounds
Life 13 to 15 years
Home Alone 82
With Kids 86
With Strangers 106
Availability 23

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